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Who is the developer and what is the development philosophy of the Borgo Livinal project ? The developers of the Borgo Livinal project are Messrs. Renato Livinal and André Carrière, builders and developers.This project will concern itself with environmental integrity, high energy efficiency, and use of state of the art green technologies. It will be geared so as to safeguard the peace and tranquility that characterizes the surroundings. Our fundamental philosophy is minimize disruptions to the pristine natural setting that sets Borgo Livinal apart from other developments.

Does the Developer also build homes ? The developer of the Borgo Livinal project is not in the construction business. The developer will provide guidance and assistance to buyers, if desired, as to establishing relationships with custom home builders, architects, engineers and contractors to design and build your dream home in accordance to Borgo Livinal covenants and philosophy.

If I buy a lot, how long do I have until I must build my home ? From the date of purchase of a lot, the buyer will have 2 years to build their residence. There are however, some restrictions that apply once you have received your building permit from the Municipality of Alleyn and Cawood and have started construction. While building permits are good for a period of two years, a clause in the Protective Covenants which are part of your deed, states that construction must be completed within two years of the commencement date and that all exterior landscaping must be completed prior to the expiry of the building permit (i.e.: two years). Exceptions to this time limit will require Borgo Livinal Development’s prior approval.

Is financing available for the lot purchase ? The developer is prepared to assist with the financing required for the purchase of your lot at Borgo Livinal. Financing of the lot will be provided at market rates with flexible payment options. It is expected however, that once building begins, the financing for the lot will be repaid from the proceeds of the final takeout mortgage arranged for the new home. All financing would be subject to qualification of the buyer and an initial cash down payment satisfactory to the developer. The developer has also made arrangements with banking institutions for competitive financing should this arrangement be preferred by the purchaser.

What services and amenities are included with my lot ? All lots will be cadastred and registered at cost to the buyer with the Province of Quebec. Hydro will be made available to your lot line. A lane, with gravel topping will be offered at cost to the most appropriate building site. When construction of your new home has been completed, the developer will provide a reasonable amount of topsoil at cost to assist with your landscaping.

What permits will be required and what is the process for me to obtain my building permit ? The Municipality of Alleyn and Cawood requires the following permits to be issued before construction begins on a new home:

– Permit for the building = $100.00 (2009)
– Septic system permit including the engineer’s report = $ 1000.00 estimated (2009) The permit application process will require, in addition to the payment of the fees set out above, the following information and documentation.
– A copy of the property deed (Notary contract).
– An engineering plan for the septic system as required under provincial regulation Q2R8.
– The official cadastral plan for the lot.
– A site plan for the proposed building showing distances from the lake and streams, lot   lines, roads, well and septic systems.
– Plans for the proposed building with scale drawings showing elevations, floor plans, cross sections, foundations, etc.
– The signature of the owner or representative on the application.

Some of the most important regulations to keep in mind when planning your new home are the following: – The placement of your home on the lot cannot be less than 15 meters from the high water mark of the lake or 5 meters from either of the side lot lines or 12 meters from the main subdivision roads. – The sceptic installations must be in full accordance with the engineering plan supplied by the homeowner

Who do I get to install my septic system and well ? The developer will be happy to provide you with a choice of both well drillers and septic system installers. It is however, up to you to make your own arrangements with the contractor for the plan preparation and installation of your system. Septic systems in Quebec are now regulated by the provincial government, in addition to the local municipality. This change has brought about the requirement for an engineering report and plan for each septic system installation. This plan must be prepared by an engineer or someone qualified to do so by the provincial government. Your architect/contractor or your septic installer can help you with this during the planning stages for your home.

Is there a minimum size of house I must build ? The Protective Covenants in your deed require homes built at Borgo Livinal to be a minimum of 1,600 square feet of living space (exclusive of garages, porches, etc.).

Can I build a dock on the lake ? The Developer will install a floating dock on the lake for access by property owners of Borgo Livinal. For the purpose of creating the least disturbance to the natural vegetation along the shores of the Lac Miljour, no private docks will be permitted. A passarelle to reach the open waters will be permissible submit to Ministry of Natural Resources and the Municipal By-laws

Can I put in a sandy beach or a retaining wall at the waterfront ? No. The only work that is generally permitted along the shoreline of streams and lakes is work to prevent shore erosion. The shorelines of lakes and streams are regulated by both the provincial Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Parks. The following is a summary of the type of things not permitted in order to protect the river shoreline:

– Cutting of any vegetation (trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants) within a 10 meter (sometimes 15 meters) shore strip alongside the river.

– Lawns (other than natural grasses) down to the water are strictly forbidden.

– Digging or filling inside the shore strip or the riverbed.

– Laying boat launches for private purposes. – Adding sand to create a beach. – Removing aquatic plants. – Laying wharfs on cribs or caseins. – Building boathouses Some of the above might be authorized under special circumstances but only with the express consent of the Ministries and the municipality. Provincial regulations do permit however, the cutting of vegetation to gain access to the water.

Who maintains the roads in the development, and what will the costs be ? As a condition of sale, the developer will provide buyers access to and from a public road. The main roads of the subdivision, while constructed to municipal standards, are not presently maintained by the Municipality of Alleyn and Cawood. While the Municipality has undertaken to take over road maintenance once the municipal tax revenues from new residences meet the municipalities cost of Borgo Livinal road maintenance, the developer cannot provide a guarantee when and if the Municipality will do this. While the roads remain private, road maintenance costs will be apportioned between lot owners (including the developer). As an example of the developer’s share of costs – if the developer owns 25 percent of the lots in the subdivision at the end of a calendar year, he will pay 25 percent of the following year’s road maintenance.

Do I have to pay QST/GST on the purchase price of the lot ? Yes. As is normal for the sale of all new subdivision land or new homes, a buyer is responsible for the payment of both Quebec Sales Tax (QST) and Federal Government Sales Tax on the full purchase price of each lot. GST is charged at the rate of 6% of the purchase price, while QST is charged at the rate of 8% on the purchase price of the lot including the GST.

What are the taxes for the lot and how are they assessed ? The taxes for the new lots have not been determined as yet. Once the sale of the lot is registered by your Notary, the municipality will assess the transfer (Welcome) tax and then assess the lot value. For the purposes of municipal taxes, the Municipality of Alleyn and Cawood sets a mill rate each year which is then multiplied by the municipal assessment of the value of the property to determine the municipal taxes payable for that year. School taxes are paid separately from municipal taxes in Quebec. As with the municipal taxes, once the assessment for the lot has been established, school taxes are calculated by multiplying the school tax mill rate by the property assessment value to determine the school tax payable.

What are the total closing costs for my lot purchase ?
– GST (6% of purchase price).
– QST (8% of purchase price + GST).
– Transfer (Welcome) Tax.
– Notary Fees.
– Preparation of mortgage documents *.
– Miscellaneous registration and document costs.

* If mortgage financing is required.

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